Marketing to the Casino Floor


There’s something opulent and alluring about walking into a casino – the flashing lights, music blaring and coins clinking. Even if you don’t gamble, the atmosphere is hard to resist and can make even the most jaded person feel alive again.

Despite their differences, there is one thing people at casinos have in common – they want to win. From the strutting confidence of regulars to the resentful newcomers trying to claw back their losses, there are thousands of people a day entering casinos with hopes of hitting it big. While there is some tutting at the table or in the aisles when luck doesn’t go their way, most of these individuals are still enjoying themselves.

While many movies depict Sin City in the light of organized crime and opulence, Scorsese’s 1995 release, Casino, took a more honest look at the city’s darker side. The movie starred Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci (as well as other familiar faces), and featured a heist plot that made the most of the stars’ considerable charisma.

While it’s important to promote the gaming floor, casino marketing also needs to address other unique offerings that can attract a broader audience. For example, the right marketing strategy can help you pursue events and group business. For example, with Cvent’s Search Ads you can get major exposure to event planners searching in your area and sister markets, giving them an opportunity to consider your property for future group bookings.

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