How to Optimize Your Casino Content for Retargeting


In a city that’s known for its flashy casino hotels, opulent shows, and gambling corporations, no movie has captured the essence of Vegas like Martin Scorsese’s Casino. With a cast led by the incomparable Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, the film is riveting and insightful throughout its three-hour runtime.

Casino is an epic history lesson, tracing the rise of organized crime and Las Vegas from small town seedy establishments to the current corporate juggernaut that it is today. As a film, Casino is well edited and the acting is superb. But it’s the story that unfolds in the background and the underlying themes that make the movie so engrossing.

Gambling at casinos isn’t just about trying one’s luck – it’s also about socializing with friends and strangers, having a drink or two, and taking in the atmosphere. Champagne glasses clink and music plays, creating an energized, upbeat vibe that can’t be matched anywhere else.

In addition to offering blackjack, dice rolls and slot reels, casinos often offer luxurious hotel offerings, cutting edge events spaces, award-winning restaurants, spa and health club amenities, and more. As such, marketers need to optimize their content for keywords highlighting all of the unique and exciting things that their casinos have to offer. They should also utilize retargeting to drive event and group business by showing their ads to potential guests who have searched for nearby hotels, conferences, or other destination destinations in similar markets.

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